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Welcome to Awakening Through The Body

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Although ultimately we are not the body. There is a depth to who we are at our source, the body is included in this. I feel the body and particularly the nervous system could be the missing component to spiritual awakening.

This is the work of Awakening Through The Body. To release contraction, to balance our nervous system, to shake out story, to quiet the mind to reveal who we truly are.

What is holding us hostage?

Our nervous system can literally hijack our awareness and keep us in survival mode. Nervous system states of fight/flight and freeze are designed to protect our organism and in certain instances do just that. How incredible is the human body.

What can happen however is that these states of f/f/f get stuck on. When we are perfectly safe in the present moment our system can still be running on overdrive. We can feel anxious, aggressive and defensive or we can feel hopeless and shut down.

Our organism is behaving as if we are in constant danger. When the body is running like this it is impossible to be aware of our natural state, our beingness.

Our being or true nature is always here but is masked by our limited ego identity. When our physiology is yelling at us creating an intolerable screen of unmanageable smoke and mirrors, how to touch into, to feel our true nature.

We have all experienced time as being, those magical moments when we lose our selves. So this reality does exist. Nature is often a catalyst, it can stop us dead in our tracks. When nature is so breathtakingly magnificent and we align our SELVES to it. There is a feeling of oneness and connection that surpasses our limited stature as a separate entity. When the body relaxes a little, when we attune with our breath, to the magnificence of nature and our SELVES.

To unlock the hidden treasure that we are, we sometimes just need a mirror. One of these mirrors is nature and she down regulates our over active nervous system as she reveals her beauty.l

In these moments psychological mind and all its suffering is silenced, here there is only this, pure awareness that we are. You can start to tune in to your true presence, just walk out the door and take a look, even if you're in the city you can sit with a tree, a plant or look up to the great expanse that is the sky.

Welcome Home.


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