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Is your Nervous System hijacking YOU

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Trauma - the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual's ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes sense of safety and the ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences. It may cause a sense of hopelessness and shutdown. It can cause anxiety, anger, irritability and depression.

When we incarnate in a human body it seems inevitable that we experience trauma. So trauma is varied in range from severe trauma to softer trauma. Regardless of degree it has a debilitating impact on the expression of our life.

'Hard' trauma is generally understood. Lesser known or acknowledged as trauma is; any time our body contracts - it could be stress at work, stress at home, arguments with partner, financial concerns - we even contract from our own negative thought forms. There are thousands of examples of overwhelm on our systems.

When we are living out of past, habitual nervous system responses - fight, flight, freeze we are missing out on the joy of present moment awareness. Our true nature - one of joy, peace and SELF -satisfaction is blighted by our dis-regulated nervous systems.

By no choice of our own we are hijacked by a nervous system in continual activation - this impedes our freedom as life.

In my own past before resolving my trauma and balancing my nervous system, I was only comfortable in Nature or with animals. I was stuck in f/f/f combination and was missing out on a whole area of life - communion with other humans. I had no felt sense of safety in the body or on the planet.

My nervous system clocked people as a threat and my experience was one of continual activation. Feelings of anxiety, defensiveness, dissociation and hopelessness.

I thought this was life. I didn't know anything else other than this activated response to life.

If you observe society - locally and globally you will notice that most humans' nervous systems are highly charged. Inner peace and outer peace elude the majority of humans on the planet.

Are you at peace?

This time in history we have a chance for great change - for evolvement as a species. Current understanding of the nervous system is making its way through to the mainstream and we have a real chance to bring about a more highly evolved version of ourselves . We can extract ourselves from instinctual survival mode, from dissociated or depressed states of being. We can achieve inner peace - one organism at a time. Change can occur for the betterment of humanity. If we heal our individual and collective trauma and balance our nervous systems we will be living in peace.

Our individual and collective pasts have been subject to violence, hatred, fear, greed and anger -we have been living a hell on earth. This is such a magnificent planet and us at our source are truly resplendent.

Is our dis-regulated nervous system responsible for our contracted, sub-standard form of humanity we are expressing at the moment?

Imagine living in a society where we are responsive not reactive, where kindness and true compassion are a natural expression of who we are. Where we don't need love but experience ourselves as love itself.

Nervous system health is imperative if we are to gain inner and outer peace.

Nervous system regulation could herald in the much anticipated aquarian age.

One of mass awakening, co -operation, compassionate care for our SELF in the form of all sentient beings - including the planet herself.

Now is the time you can address your nervous system and bring it into peace and balance. Healing a dis-regulated nervous system and maintaining it's balance is one of the most pro-active, positive actions you can contribute to the planet at the moment. I feel our survival - our awakening and flourishing will be precipitated by this work.

Warmest regards



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