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Devaraj Sandberg and Tree talk Spirituality

Watch  'Kundalini Conversation' with Brent Spirit.

A conversation about TRE®, Transformational Bodywork, Spiritual Awakening and Embodiment with Alex Greene.

Seekers Finders

This is an interview with Tree conducted by Grace Bubeck on Seekers Finders.  A series of interviews with 'ordinary' people about their spiritual journey, talking about their experience of searching, what they have found, and how their healing journey has intersected with their spiritual journey.

Wow Peace

Tree interviewed by Susan Hill from WOW Peace, about spiritual awakening. How healing trauma and the nervous system is a path to spititual awakening.

This is an interview conducted in 2016, with Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump, describing some of Tree’s experience of spiritual awakening. This was the transcendant phase of awakening, encompassing oneness and non-dual reality. Since then Tree has continued to embody this reality and is guided to share some of the tools that assisted her on her path to awakening.

Buddha Gas Pump
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