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TRE Australia

See TRE® Individual Sessions for the explanation of the TRE® Process.


As an ex-elite sports person Tree understands the importance of fast and effective sports recovery and also the need to remain grounded and present on a big stage. Not allowing the nerves to overwhelm and compromise performance.

TRE® tension and stress release exercises are an incredibly fast and effective method for sports recovery. You will learn to use your body's innate natural shaking mechanism to immediately release muscles and unwind myofacial tissue after hard training or match.

TRE® will assist players to recover quickly. The motto of TRE® is;

Release Rebalance Renew


TRE® also contributes to greater flexibility by unwinding myofacial tissue and helps to balance the nervous system. I have often noticed players particularly in the big matches, (finals) go from fight/flight states into freeze mode. This is when the player’s legs feel like lead, they cannot move, and they cannot access their neo-cortex, the rational part of the brain. They look stupefied and the match leaves them behind. TRE® can teach sports people to become grounded and have present moment awareness, from here flow states can arise and sports performance is radically enhanced.

The body's natural shaking mechanism shakes out muscle tension leaving the body relaxed, balanced and renewed. TRE® also can diminish or totally release aches and pains from chronically contracted muscles, it improves sleeping

patterns, develops resiliency, calms the mind and with the balancing of the nervous system- improves functioning in relationships and the work place.


TRE® has many advantages for the professional sports athlete or those serious about their physical performance.

Expansion Freedom Flow

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