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Begin the day with simple gentle movement releasing from the body and the fascia.


Release tension and stress held within the body.  Listening to the body - moving to release and create a sense of freedon, flow and connection. Calm and revitalise your whole system, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Expansion Freedom Flow



Tree will take you through a series of calming, grounding and supportive techniques. Learn simple techniques to take home as a practice.


These techniques support your nervous system health and greater wellbeing. Spend the afternoon in a held, supportive, restorative space.



Finish the day toning the vagus nerve, with vocal toning. Making vocal sound balances the nervous system; the soothing vibrations are felt throughout the entirety of the body. Toning produces calm mind and a centered, relaxed state of being.


It is not about the quality of your voice, it is about the benefit of the experience of your voice flowing through your system for health, relaxation and vitality.

This day is restorative, relaxing, balancing and enlivening. Take a day for yourself; enjoy the guided sessions, the lovingly prepared food and the supportive environment of Awakening Through The Body.

“It is my joy to work with people, seeing them realise their potential for release, healing and wholeness.” Tree

This workshop is not suitable for those with serious mental health issues. 

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