Transformational Bodywork devised by Deva Daricha is an evolutionary approach to whole being transformation working with the body.


It is a unique synthesis of several modalities including Ida Rolf's work (Rolfing) and in particular Postural Integration - the work of Jack Painter.


Past trauma is held in the tissue of the body and can cause contraction, tightness, body pains and inhibited breathing patterns.

Releasing we experience more freedom and life force.

There is a series of twelve sessions in Body Transformation.


All sessions are one and a half to two hours duration.

Cost is On a sliding scale $120 - Full, $100 or $90 - Concession - to suit your financial situation.


"I have never experienced a more profound and transformative bodywork before. It is deep, masterful and mysterious."



"A gradual descent into the deep mysteries of the organic life of the body, it's relation to history, the movement of emotions, one's feeling life and the psychology of human consciousness."

Deva Daricha

"...It is beyond the mind's capacity to completely understand, but it sure is profound and as the name suggests, it is indeed transformational bodywork.

Tree's ability to fully hold the space, be very present and in Presence is the key here."

Barb Stone

 "I found working with Tree a safe space to go as deep as i needed in my journey. I always left feeling activated and nourished at the same time. Then the days post a session were amazing for me, I felt always guided as needed and trusted completely in Tree's ability. Excited to keep going!"


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