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TRE® Australia

“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.”

Chinese Proverb

Nervous System Health and Well Being workshops

“Personhood is such contraction, our true nature, our Buddha nature is expansion.”



See TRE® Individual Sessions for the explanation of the TRE® Process.


TRE® group classes offer an enjoyable and supportive environment in which to learn and deepen your own practice. In class you will be guided through the exercises and held in a supportive space in which you are able to shake out and release held tension and stress.


You will be supported in coming to understand and embody the self-regulation aspect of TRE®. These classes are a space in which to explore and deepen in your TRE® process.


We come together, shake and share our TRE® experience. Practicing together in a supportive community can enhance our healing and wellbeing. Watching others release can give our own organism the permission to let go in ways we had not realized were possible.

Some people participating in a TRE® group class find they release more easily; their practice goes to deeper levels. They find it more supportive, satisfying and enjoyable.

Some find it difficult to sustain a regular TRE® practice on their own, so they use group classes as a means of supporting their ongoing wellbeing. Others enjoy a group class in addition to their individual practice.

Group class is not suitable for people with mental health issues, or those experiencing severe anxiety or depression. TRE® is not recommended during pregnancy.

Individual sessions are available for those people that have experienced major trauma or are living with severe anxiety or depression. These sessions can be conducted with the support of your mental health professional. In time you may be able to attend group sessions. Individual sessions ensure you get full focus and attention.

Classes/Sessions are available to all. Classes can also be arranged for friends, family and work colleagues.

TRE® Group Classes are available in a series of four weekly sessions.  First an introduction to TRE® then ongoing classes during Term.

Classes are currently available at;

Meher Farm, Wyndham - Home of Awakening Through The Body


Introduction to TRE®: four classes
On going TRE® class : $30 a class.

Bring Yoga or thicker mat, pillow, blanket and drink bottle.

Tree is open to attending your workplace to run classes.

Expansion  Freedom  Flow

Please ring Tree on 0400 940 661 to discuss requirements to attend.
TRE® is not suitable for pregnancy.

If you have had major trauma, have severe anxiety or depression you can attend individual TRE® sessions with the support of your mental health professional.

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