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TRE Australia

“An amazing self-help tool for conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains. In the process of healing yourself from these conditions, you will also find that on an emotional and spiritual level your life transforms”.

Dr. Melanie Salmon

Tension, Trauma and Stress Release Exercises

In the past ancient cultures have used ‘Shaking Medicine’ for healing and wellbeing.

TRE®, devised by David Berceli is a transformative, natural self-healing technique that releases unresolved trauma, tension and stress and restores our nervous system to a state of balance.

Our body bears the burden of our life experience. Both in the form of muscle contraction and nervous system response. Our body responds and contracts from the slightest criticism to mild and more severe traumas. We contract from stress and tension, from work, relationship and family pressures. We even contract from our own habitual negative thought patterns. Ongoing tension and stress can cause pain, premature aging and serious illness.

Release, rebalance, renew.

TRE Australia
TRE Australia

TRE® consists of a simple series of exercises to invoke the body’s innate, natural release mechanism. This mechanism shakes out chronic muscle tension and works on our fascia, unwinding and releasing. TRE® works with the body, without having to talk about your history or life situations.

In our busy lives our nervous system can also bear the burden of trauma, tension and stress. A nervous system can become stuck in states of fight, flight and freeze, hijacking our present moment awareness and enjoyment of life. A disregulated nervous system can literally hold our sense of being or present moment awareness hostage. Shake your way to life - Present, grounded, relaxed and engaged.

TRE® can assist in balancing the nervous system, bringing it back to a base line state, enabling one to experience a sense of calm and equipoise.

Calm, relaxed, grounded, embodied and engaged.

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Grace is releasing some neck tension using TRE® at the ocean. When you embody self-regulation it can be enjoyable to tremor in nature. The movements Grace's body are making are not conscious movements, rather movements made by the wisdom of the body-neurogenic tremors.

Awakening Through The Body
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"Just to be in Tree's presence is a kind of healing in itself, such is the peace and joy she radiates. But the TRE® sessions she offers are also a great healing method. My body was craving the relief offered by this technique. TRE® was surprisingly easy and it allows a surrendering and the intelligence of the body to come forward. Thank you Tree”.  

Sarah Hudson

TRE® Tension Release Exercises
TRE® Australia
Come home to your true nature.

Our true nature is one of inner peace and joy.  TRE® is a deep, profound ongoing practice and is truly transformational. Shaking and releasing is the counterpart to tensing and contracting. As humans we are encoded with this access to greater freedom.


People practicing TRE® on a regular basis have reported the following outcomes:


  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Calm mind

  • Relaxed state of being

  • Chronic muscle aches and pains diminish or disappear

  • Greater flexibility; both physically and mentally

  • More resiliency

  • Improved functioning in relationships and workplace

  • More joy and flow

  • Present moment awareness

  • Improved sense of wellbeing

  • Grounded

  • Engaged in life

  • Inner peace

TRE® is also beneficial for children, primary and secondary students. When the nervous system is stuck on or in continuous activation, students cannot access their neo-cortex, the rational thinking part of their brain.


With ongoing TRE® practice the nervous system comes to baseline and the student can study much more effectively and experience a calmer state of being.

Individual Sessions are available at:

MEHER FARM - WYNDHAM - Home of Awakening Through The Body

Introduction to TRE® comprises of four sessions.

Cost is $500 or $450 concession

Please ring Tree on 0400 940 661 to discuss requirements to attend.
TRE® is not suitable for pregnancy.

If you have had major trauma, have severe anxiety or depression you can attend individual TRE® sessions with the support of your mental health professional.

See Tree of Awakening Through The Body perform and talk about TRE®

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