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and Kundalini Support

It can be helpful to have context and discussion about your current experience on the spiritual path towards awakening.

When we sit in beingness, when we meet in truth there is an energy a vibration that you recognise - this is your own natural state.

We can talk, sit in silence or perform simple activities that walk you back to your centre.


Truth is simple it is the mind that wants to make it complex, delaying your discovery - your remembering. Intellectually understanding spiritual truth is not enough - it is a lived experience - one that wakes us up as love.

This is an incredible era where house holders are waking up, it is no longer purely the domain of the monasteries and caves.

It is a new era of embodied awakening-enabling the divine to flow through our human existence.


Freedom from psychological suffering is simply a shift in consciousness. At our source we are love and our nature exudes peace, bliss and joy. Our humanity is expressed from a deeper wisdom - an all pervading love.


You may be experiencing a Kundalini process that is overwhelming or uncomfortable and you might like to talk it through.

(Tree has studied to be a Kundalini Support with Bonnie Greenwell) and had a very spirited kundalini awakening of her own.

Kundalini - she is clearing the vessel, the energetic bodies, sanskaras, impressions, traumas - any wonder this process can seem wild and overwhelming.

Kundalini is enlightening everything in your system. This is an evolutionary process - this is a path to awakening consciousness.

I am here to help you in your process

These sessions are one on one and the duration is one to one and a half hours. Available on ZOOM.

Book in Events for online or in person sessions.

These sessions are available with a sliding scale - please choose what suits you best.


You may also wish to watch a recent interview on 'Seekers Finders' with Tree about Awakening being natural in the human experience.

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