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Our Beloved Body

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

The body, our vessel for consciousness; home to the senses, our instrument for experience, exploration, discovery and growth. The body reacts to so much; sights, and sounds, to touch, to pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow. To real and perceived threat. To every word ever spoken to it, to every thought listened to.

It is all held in the tissue and fascia. Our bodies hold a myriad of stories. It is a sensitive instrument, expanding into life one moment contracting from it in the next.

Being held in sacred healing space is monumental for the body and has profound effects on the down regulation of an over active nervous system. The benefits of hands on healing is a chance for the body to be heard, to be held and to be soothed. When the body can let go a little, we can leave aside a busy mind and come back to the breath. We can feel our body in the present moment, a time and space to meet your self. Being held in sacred healing space you give your self the opportunity to stop, listen, feel, meet, release, revitalise.

There is a life force that flows through the universe, this force can also flow through your body enlivening your very existence.

Can you feel this pulse of life coursing through your body?

Or does contraction, energetic blocks and a busy mind disturb this natural flow?

Healing it seems is an on going journey, releasing, letting go layer by layer. Contraction after contraction caused by wounding, physical and emotional; experienced by and held in the body. This so it seems is part of the human condition on earth at this time.

This part of our journey, the homecoming, the unwinding of hurt and contraction, the return to our true nature, can be met. For some it is best met in company in co-creation with someone to witness and hold space.

Can you make time and space for your body?

Is it time to listen to your body; to heal and transform?

Can you go to a hands on healer that you resonate with. Be held in sacred healing space. Can you have a massage and greet and honour yourself.

Even better go for a series of work.

If funds don't allow or you don't want touch. What could you do?

Pour yourself a bath and create your own sacred space. Swim in the ocean and wash off the dross. Lay on the warm sand, let the sun warm your bones. sit and notice your breath, dance or move. What can you do to acknowledge and tend your body?

Can you stop and choose something that revives your body and spirit?

If you don't already could you introduce one thing, once a week, designated time, space and activity for your body. See if life is different when you hear your body and do something to assist it.

Better to listen to a whisper than a scream.

When the contraction turns to expansion the life force can flow freely.

Life lived from this expanded experience is one of great and profound freedom.


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