and ONLINE SESSIONS for Wellbeing.

“The unseen world and this world conspire to create growth.” Tree



This session consists of gentle inspired movement for the body to release, relax and come to a freer state.

Followed by vocal toning. We sound together to release and harmonise your system. Toning produces calm mind and a centered, relaxed state of being. It is not about the quality of your voice, it is about the benefit of the experience of your voice flowing through your system for relaxation and vitality. Toning has a beneficial effect on the vagus nerve-bringing your nervous system to a more balanced state.

The session closes with a guided meditation. You can sit or lay down for this. This meditation will meet you at your core, addressing your wholeness and nurturing your life force. These sessions are conducive to immersion in your beingness and are a path to spiritual awakening.

Cost $120

Dress - comfortable clothing.

Sacred Healing Sound Sessions on Zoom

The session begins by preparing you with a guided body scan - you are encouraged to let go of contraction and take deep rest. We use the breath to stablise here and stay as the simplicity of being.

Tree will drum and tone to you in an inspired, intuitive soundscape.You are held in sacred space. The sound releases and harmonises.


When we take time to stop, to rest  - we give our body, nervous system and spirit a chance to  reset. You are encouraged to drop everything, to take deep rest in your original nature.

Bringing body and mind to gentle, nurtured stillness.

Cost $120

Dress - comfortable clothing.


Transforming energy through Spirit guided ceremony and Cherokee bodywork.

"There comes a time when we are ready to look within.  To come... meeting, releasing, balancing, renewing. You are held in sacred healing space."



Tree works with intuitive awareness, incorporating guidance from Spirit realm in hands on transformative work, removing blocks in the physical and energetic bodies. Lightening the load, allowing a freer, more balanced, connected self to emerge.


The session is totally devoted to you and your well -being. This takes place on a personal and soul level.

Tree uses drum and voice toning to connect and communicate with beings from the subtle and higher realms of existence.


"I read your body, read the energy, sensing areas that are weak or where there is energy blocked. I work under guidance, assisting release with a variety of means; for example; sage, hands on, hands over, bells, rattle, and voice; sometimes in spoken message, sometimes in sounding song."

Great benefit can be realised in the nervous system as you are anointed in relaxing oils and laid to rest after your session, either in silence, in drum or toning soundscape, what ever is most beneficial to you.

"I ask for change and transformation that supports your highest good, the growth and flowering of the soul. There comes a time when we are ready to look within. To come home to our true nature. Held in sacred healing space we meet that which is holding us from realizing our potential to live a joyful life in the present. You are met in deep communion, body, mind and soul, held by supportive, benevolent company. Meeting, releasing, balancing, renewing.

I was given the gift to work shamanically after a three-year period spent in solitude, in nature working on my own deep healing process with spirit guides and beings from the subtle realm.


In my own healing process subtle beings performed distinctive ceremonies, subtle surgeries - releasing trauma and emotional wounding all held in the body and the subtle body.

I was very sick and spent months in bed with chronic fatigue. I was guided to surrender and rest. The subtle beings worked on me, removing wounding, clearing my vessel and subtle bodies allowing a freer, more grounded, enlivened, authentic self to emerge from under the canopy of these restrictions.


They helped to cure me of chronic fatigue and in my healed state one of the leading guides performed a ceremony, a coronation of sorts, in which he asked me to implement his work, to carry on his medicine work. So in a raw shamanic ceremony I was asked by “Buffalo Man”, the spirit guide to perform this work, to carry on his tradition of healing."

Cost - $150 Duration of Session - one to 2 hours


I am cautious and discerning when it comes to choosing a bodywork practitioner and do not take lightly the decision to engage in a session with a therapist or practitioner. This is especially the case when the practitioner is working energetically and with spirit guides.


My trust in Tree has been well founded. I have found her to be respectful and clear. She uses her drum, her voice and her healing hands to hold space and facilitate what was for me very powerful and insightful Shamanic sessions. Each session has felt beneficial and has supported me in my growth and wellbeing. I have felt clearer of mind, more connected to my body and more enlivened.


One session I experienced a presence (I felt to be Kuan Yin) who braided my hair and sang to me and I was bathed in unconditional love. Through the mystery of this work and using sound and touch, Tree has the capacity to safely hold space and co-create the special conditions for such a healing opportunity to arise. This was a transformative experience, one which I can draw on to support me in the ups and downs of daily life. I had not had a connection to Kuan Yin and Tree has Native American spirit guides so it was surprising and also totally authentic.

Tree does not have her ego invested in her work. She is real, mindful and well intentioned. I found her Shamanic sessions and also her wonderful TRE® - (tension and stress release) sessions to be powerful, empowering and supportive of my growth and becoming, with gratitude.

Sandy Mann Melbourne

“I received a shamanic treatment from Tree. During the ceremony I distinctly felt a spiritual force field around us both.  I felt mental, emotional and spiritual balance within my self.  Afterwards I had a sense of personal empowerment and felt a strong connecting with nature around me.”
Barbara, South Coast

Cost of an individual session is $120