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Come Home to your True Nature

Guided by Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Body Worker, Certified Global TRE® Instructor,  Kundalini Support and Healer in the Shamanic Tradition.

Tree of Awakening Through The Body will help you connect with your inner SELF - to release contraction, story and emotion held within the tissue of the body and balance your nervous system.

“It is my joy to work with people, seeing them realise their potential for release, healing and wholeness.”


Working through the body to release stress, trauma and tension, to unwind and transform. Restoring nervous system health and greater wellbeing. When we release what no longer serves us we embody and enjoy a new way of being in the world. Working with Awakening Through The Body is truly transformative.


Come home to a sense of calm and ease. Become grounded and engaged in life. Live as present moment awareness and experience inner peace as your authentic SELF.


Awakening Through The Body holds individual sessions, classes and workshops to support you in coming home to your True Nature.

Meher Farm Healing and Awakening Centre - in the hinterland of the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW is home to Awakening Through The Body.

“Tree is a knowledgeable, caring and authentic teacher and I loved what she introduced me to.”

Ange Kent

Spiritual Mentoring Sessions
Kundalini Support

When we sit in beingness, when we meet in truth there is an energy a vibration that you recognise - this is your own natural state.

We can talk, sit in silence or perform simple activities that walk you back to your centre.

TRE® Group Sessions

TRE® group classes offer an enjoyable and supportive environment in which to learn and deepen your own practice. In class you will be guided through the exercises and held in a supportive space in which you are able to shake out and release held tension and stress.

TRE® Individual Sessions


TRE consists of a simple series of exercises to invoke the body’s innate, natural release mechanism.  This mechanism shakes out chronic muscle tension and works on our fascia, unwinding and releasing.

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TRE® for Sports Recovery

As an ex -elite sports person Tree understands the importance of fast and effective sports recovery and also the need to remain grounded and present on a big stage.

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Restorative & Nervous System Health Group Workshop

An introduction to a variety of natural, transformative techniques to release tension and stress and to assist and improve your nervous system health in a small group setting.


Calm your whole system, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Restorative & Nervous System Health Individual Workshop

An introduction to a variety of natural, transformative techniques to release tension and stress and to assist and improve your nervous system health.


Calm your whole system, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Transformational Bodywork

A transformational  journey into the fascia. Deep tissue strokes are applied to the body, releasing fascia and held memory stored in the tissues from past trauma, emotional pain, injuries and unconscious holding patterns in the body

Silence of Being Workshop

An experiential weekend into the silence of being.

Working through the body with neurogenic tremors or movement, vocal toning, nature, silence, solitude, connection, meditation and chant.



Meher Farm

New Buildings Rd


NSW 2550


0400 940 661

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